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Got SeedBox!!!

I’M FINALLY GOING TO START UPLOADING STARTING THIS WEEK. HOLY SH!T, I WANTED TO START THIS SINCE EARLY SEPTEMBER but stuff just keep delaying me. I’ll be doing more TV release cuz deadfish may be dead so… might as well…

I got a seedbox. I guess I expect to have to pay for the initial 2 months because me being out for 5 months and all but after, there’s no way I’ll keep that up.

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What happened to NoobSubs?

I was suppose to post this in the beginning of August!… Pretend like we’re August 6 or something…

August 6:

Many of you have been wondering, what happened? Why did ya disappear? WHERE’S MY ANIME?!

Well it’s very simple. During the time Nyaa got shut down (after the first week of May), I got multiple (like 50) DMCA notices at once from my old provider and they decided to shut down my website WITHOUT warning! (Could of at least give me 24 hours or something!) I won’t lie, I was pretty devastated, a lot more devastated than I’d thought. Not necessarily because it was shut down, you can always make another one, but because I thought I didn’t have a backup. The earliest and only full backup I thought I had was in 2016! Thank God I randomly saved an incomplete one the month before, (which I hardly ever did in the first place). If I hadn’t saved that incomplete backup (a backup of all the post, plugins and everything other than the massive amounts of pictures, which I had lying in my computer anyway), I might never have came back…


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Donations really needed!

The bills for this website are coming up tomorrow and if they don’t get paid on time, this site might get shut down.

Please donate!

Edit: Made it just in time. Thank you all.

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Donations for new power supply

PSU 185x185 - Donations for new power supply


This has been going on for a few months now but it looks like my Power supply (a computer part) is dying. My computer is randomly shutting off during encodes, hard drives power off at random and now I’m getting increasingly scarred. I’ve dragged this on for far too long. I’m opening up donations for a new Power supply. The estimated cost is 80$. Of course, the other bills have to be paid as well. Please consider donating.

EDIT: THANK YOU ALL, ESPECIALLY Anonymous the 2nd, not just for the donations of this month but for all of them in general! I can’t believe the PSU is lasting this long even though it was leaking fluids for a while (it is that bad) but now I can finally replace it! I was sh*iting bricks when I saw the donation count of this February. Thanks again.

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Please Donate (To be changed)

Bills are coming up. Please donate.

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eng dub MP4 > Dual Audio MKV

You may have noticed that I’ve been doing dual audio releases instead of my regular eng dub MP4s. I’ve been testing it for a while (or was just too lazy to ever make this post) and decided to replace them with the dual audio releases. I made them in such a way that you can still easily “transform” them to the eng dubs of before by following my super easy tutorial because the Signs/Karaoke are hardsubbed so it all works out. This process can be done in minutes.

BTW: Sorry for the low number of uploads lately. I was working on Toaru Majutsu no Index series which is 4×24 episodes in 1 torrent but downloading the raws + dubs is talking REALLY LONG. I’ll WILL TRY TO UPLOAD AS MUCH AS A CAN FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH.

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The bills are coming up

change money 185x185 - The bills are coming up

change - money

The bills are coming up real soon and a 5$ donation is definitely needed right about now…

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